Sunday, May 13, 2007

Best Souvenir Ever.

Hotel Hi-jinx!
Well, actually, it's not hi-jinx at all, since all the hi-jinx photos involve me and my friend, George Castanza (story in next post), and I'm anti-posting recognizable photos of people (fuck you Facebookers!) So here are some other around the hotel pictures.

Cats are plentiful in Cuba. One used to nap on the souvenir stand in the hotel.

Pool bar!

Reassuring elevator panel.

Birds hang out in the restaurants. Cute!
Before your very eyes, this machine pulverizes oranges into freshly squeezed orange juice!

"Pizza", a.k.a. tomato sauce and very little cheese on toasted pita bread. This is what we lived off of, because everything else was worse.

I also subsisted on lemonade slurpees.

And ice cream.

These desserts however, all managed to taste the same, and that taste was bland. But they look pretty!

And there was a lot of them!

A swarm of ants in a sink. Which was actually my fault, since I dumped some lemonade there and didn't know ants liked lemonade. Upon discovery, I swiftly turned on the tap. Later ants!

Nap time!

Oh, also:
Next up: Havana! And a bus fire!
Again, if you can even read this, I apologize for Blogger being an asshole that makes text disappear and doesn't have a help feature that acutally helps.

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