Monday, March 05, 2007

Someone Else's Birthday!

This birthday event was short lived as the birthday girl was actually pretty sick. But we did make it back to Zellers for some more delish! This time I did take a picture.

Last time we were there, we tried to order milkshakes and were told "We're out of ice cream." Pff. So this time when we went back I said "Do you have ice cream today?" and the waitress sighed "Who told you we were out of ice cream?" Turns out they're never out of ice cream but they have this bitch waitress who's been telling people that so she won't have to make milkshakes. Like making milkshakes is so difficult. What a cow. So here's the milkshake!

We also found this. I guess you don't need a man when you have Su Doku. Although, why not find yourself a handsome puzzle solver?

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