Saturday, November 25, 2006


Okay, this is just ridiculous now. I get home from work the other day and find this in my mailbox:

A calendar! From some animal charity I've never even heard of!! IFAW? So I open it.

Well right off the bat I'm irritated, because I'm pro-seal hunt and these cutie baby seals just remind me of how frustrating that whole situation is. Don't give me a thousand comments about this people!

They were winning me back with this picture until I used my literacy skills to decode what was encrypted next to the kitty face.

Either way, I had never heard of International Fund for Animal Welfare before, so I can only assume that the SPCA, knowing what a HUGE SPENDER I am, must have passed along my name in the "Send her a calendar" category.

So know I don't know which one to hang at work.


Col. Portnoy said...

I am all for the protection of the seals natural habitat: my stomach

Zencat said...

Clearly the only option open to you is to make your apartment an animal sanctuary, create your own calender and start sending them out ot the SPCA and IFAW and ask them to support your new lifestyle. That, or do what I do with credit card companies and send back empty envelopes forcing them to pay for postage and get their hopes up that a completed application is inside. Sometimes I write "Leave me alone" on the application, or leave phone numbers of people I don't like