Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Well Fine! Beyotch!

Let me start by saying, I'm sure this woman was in some kind of terrible ordeal, but I can't help but post this drawing of the event:

So I'm at a fabric store today, which sucked because I did not find one piece of useful material!! But this event made it semi-worthwhile. If you're this woman and reading this, I'm not sure if I should apologize for posting this or not. Obviously I don't know what was actually going on, but no need for rudeness! So, I'm at a fabric store today, as mentioned. I turn down an aisle and there's a baby carriage in it (I don't remember if there was a baby in it or not, but I'm guessing there was), and a kid of about 2 laying on the floor. The kid sees me and sits up and I walk past him and the carriage and there's this woman sitting on the floor with a garbage pail in front of her! So in my head I'm like "OMG, is she alright?", because instant messaging has actually worked "OMG" into my thought processes. So I said "Are you okay?" in my concerned voice, because believe it or not, I was concerned. I mean, she was on the floor, with a GARBAGE PAIL in front of her (you know when it's a pail that it's serious), and she was situated behind a counter, so you couldn't see her until you were right in front of her. So, wow, I say "so" a lot, she looks up at me and says "Yeah, I'm fine." But it was weird. It wasn't like "Yeah, I"m fine. I'm kind of embarrassed that you're seeing me like this, but also, thanks for asking, but I'd rather be left alone and humiliated than have you help me." Which is how I would respond in her position. But, you know how when your friend wipes out, then after you're done laughing you say "Are you okay?", then you see they are bleeding and they sarcastically say "Yeah, I"m fine. Now help me up you ass." It was more like that. Like "Yeah, I'm fine, you moron." Whatevs! So I basically just kept looking at fabrics and walking around the display. Meanwhile, I notice that the bathroom is 50 feet away. So I'm all intrigued as to what condition this woman might have that would apparently come on so suddenly that you can't make it to the bathroom to sit with your bucket in private. And I saw her husband go in there and come back out, so I was also wondering what he could possibly be doing to help her. In the meantime, she kept yelling at her kids. "Sit down!" "Get over here!" "I told you to stay put!" and so on and so forth. Although, if I was that sick, I'd let them get as far away from me as possible. Which I would also do in the best of health. Ultimately, it's hard to decide if I feel bad for her for obviously having something craptastic to deal with, as well as for having such poor choice in clothing that appropriately covers her enormous amount of cleavage, or if I'm just sore at her for being rude to me in a situation where I couldn't be rude back. I guess mostly I'm intrigued by the whole event. Then I went and bought myself some discount toys!!!

One was actually meant to be a Christmas gift for my yet to be born niece, but you know how it goes. I kept it. Sorry fetus! It said ages 3 and up anyway.

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