Sunday, October 15, 2006

Maritime Fall Fair!


Sleeping pig awakens and jumps partially out of frame!

Why doesn't this goat have ears or horns? We asked him but he didn't hear us. Ee ee.

My co-worker:

This goat was trying to bust in on another goat.

Saddest donkey in the world.

Odd Crafts!

Disco Angels



This quilt rules.

Miscellaneous Fun-time Goodness!

Check out the fly on the insect box! He's trying to be pumped but is actually sore that housefly is not listed as an incredible insect.

Who wants to eat maple related items?!

I love horse riding helmets.

Corn is apparently the new sand.

Again, WTF?

Games were played. I won this dude:

Which was later upgraded to this dude:

Also won the Scoober to go with my Halloween costume:

End of the day = giant pumpkin chopping time!

Who wants to see the inside of a giant rotten pumpkin?!

Nighty night!

Oh wait...


The queen has a white dot painted on her! Fashionable.

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