Saturday, June 10, 2006

Egyptian Cosmic Bowling!

Real identities revealed! (sort of)

What time is it?

Time to deface the scorecard!


Someone thought rolling up his pantaloons would help his score.

Someone was wrong.

Check out this death grip release!

Egyptian Wang!

Hair in the gate!

Someone thought we shouldn't pass in the scorecard with a kid declaring his sexuality on it.

The same someone who drew testicles on the cartoon bowling pins on the scorecard (that I sadly forgot to get a picture of).

Good times were had by all. As far as I know. Except for Pizza Diarist who, unable to contain his ego declared "Watch this!" before bowling, lost all three strings. Twice to me! And then to Denise! Burn! Also, thanks to my comrades for supplying some of the above photos. I don't know who took what, therefore I can not credit you individually.

Best quotes of the night:
Blandy Snorhal: "I'm like Dewey Decimal and you're the guy that came before him!"
Nick W.: "Oh, you mean Frank Alphabetize?"

After beating Pizza Diarist and still having two shots remaining to embarrass him with:
Pizza Diarist: "You can quit now. You don't even have to finish."
Blandy Snorhal: "Pizza Diarist, this isn't sex."



The Miker said...


pizza diarist said...

Bowling IS sex!


Nick W said...

I seem to remember more pictures of my handsome face being taken that night....

Blandy Snorhal said...

Yes. I'm saving those handsome pictures for myself.

Actually, I'm always wary about posting pictures of people where they are clearly visible, as you never know who might be on the run from the law. Or who just might be upset about having their pictures posted. But I'm taking this as the go ahead to post any and all future photos of you.