Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I am your insane co-worker.

I enjoy randomly throwing out your things. I know, mostly it's just things you like to put on the bulletin board we share, like Spiderman candy wrappers and what I feel are stupid pieces of paper. But occasionally it's actually a note that you need there for your job, and sometimes I'll even throw something you worked on and really liked into someone else's recycle bin, or maybe throw out your stapler because I no longer need it. I'm not good at covering my tracks and I don't care if you might want to keep these things. I know I should realize that since you pinned or taped them up, that does mean you want to keep them. But I either don't realize this or, more than likely, don't care. I don't like the fact that you work at My Desk when I'm not at work, despite the fact it originated as your desk, as you've worked with this company longer than I have. Am I trying to drive you crazy so you'll leave your job around the same time my temporary position ends, or am I just insane and must continue to throw out things belonging to you? I know, my intentions seem strange. Because they are. My main intention is to dislike you and try to make you feel unwelcome. I fail to realize that people prefer to work with you, since you can actually do your job without irritating the rest of the office and coughing on everything, and that my actions, while annoying, really only cause you to laugh at how insane I am and discuss it with co-workers who have to put up with me all week, even those who have told the boss they will leave their job after five years if I am hired on permanently. I am a sad person and I require power over your papers.

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Anonymous said...

When I was hired as a video game tester I was hired with a similar retard. Sorry this person is actually an insult to retards. One day over one of those crappy little office walls I overheard him on the phone with his mom. Most people who work at EA testing games have toys on their desk and live with their parents... even though they are 29 years old. Anyhow, he was complaining about how his sister gets everything and this was so unfair... then he cried... like an 8 year old boy wanting to get a toy in a toy store... He was a little brown noser but as stupid as a piece of lint. I quit a long time ago... now he is a manager. Still, if I was sure I would get away with it I would have him killed.