Friday, August 17, 2012

Holy Crap I Have Not Updated In Over a Year

I am a terrible blogger. I have no life, therefore nothing ever to really blog about. I meant to post about this cake back in February. February!! What is wrong with me? How can I have no life and still not manage to fit in an update?

Anyway, this is a Rubik's Cube cake I made for my birthday (as I became enamoured with the Rubik's Cube after my friend made this documentary. Check it out!). The original recipe I found was full of complicated stuff I didn't want to deal with, so I just got a bunch of white cakes from the store and dyed them different colours. As you will see, it didn't hold up super well. Well enough to eat though, which is the main thing.

So here is some of the dyed cake batter pre-baking.

And post baking.

So then you take your coloured cakes and chop them down to size and put all the extra bits in a tin in the freezer and slowly end up eating frozen cake over the next couple of weeks.

Start sticking them together with chocolate icing.

Make three sets, then stick the three sets together.

Eventually cover the whole thing however you want really. I just used a boat load of white icing (that I had to go buy more of at midnight on a day I had not bothered to shower) and sprinkles. If you end up with a lopsided cake, you're doing it right enough.

Pack it up in a cake carrier since you have to bring it to the location of the party. Have your dad (after seeing much fancier cakes you have once made) say "I thought you'd make something fancier for your own birthday." To which I replied "It's pretty on the inside! Like me!" For I am also lopsided and often covered in a boatload of icing and sprinkles.

Cut into the cake and make it further lopsided.

Serve on your friends' fancy dishes.

Start eating it and be like "Holy shit, there is a boatload of icing in this."

Still awesome though. End post by saying hello to the only friend that seems to still check this site every now and then. Hi Nicole!


Marla said...

I still check your blog!! It's in my google reader feed.

Blandy Snorhal said...

I had no idea! Hi Marla!

Iskah said...

WAW!! =)