Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Oh! It's a cake!"

Alright, based on this blog lately, I am a crazy cat lady who spends all her time baking. This is not too far from the truth. Last week I finally found a bundt pan at Value Village so we decided to declare May 8 International Bundt Cake Day.

I can't believe how long it took to find a bundt pan at Value Village. I thought these would be showing up every week! I mean, bundt cakes are sort of old lady style, and dying is also sort of old lady style. So I thought it would be no problem. But it took forever. Then I refused to pay full price for one of these (like, $12) because I was so adamant that they should easily be found at Value Village. This one was $2.99. I actually found a bundt pan for microwave cookery before I found a regular use-in-the-oven bundt pan. Sheesh.

Okay, here's the roundup of stuffios you will need.

So I needed to mash these walnuts up, similar to that time I smashed up peanuts for those peanut butter chocolate cookie bar things (that were amazing!). No need for a hammer this time.

Cupcake was way interested in the walnuts for some reason.

Alright, start with the cake mix, which I think was devil's food cake. Yes, it was.

Seriously, they are just walnuts, what's the big deal?



Vegetable oil.


Okay, mix all that up with a hand mixer or, failing that, your dirty grimy hands (which is what I used).
Pour cake batter into bundt pan!

This cake batter actually tasted pretty good. Those lumps are walnuts, not my bad mixing skills.

Okay, bake that for about 45 minutes. Then let it cool for about 25 minutes. Then it will be tough to get it out of the pan (as evidenced by the knife scrape marks on this pan made by its previous owner). Stick it all in the fridge for about 5 minutes, then the cake will pop right out!
Along with a little piece that broke off.

Okay, you need to melt a whole bag of chocolate chips and some butter for the glaze. It might seem like there won't be enough to cover it, but there will be so much it will blow your mind. And your diet.

Alright, so use a spatula and a knife to cover that bundt! Wax paper prevents a huge mess on your counter.

Put some chopped up walnuts on top and bust out abominable snowman!

The bitch is back!

She's a super lady. Melt her down for your topping. Basically just leave the melted chocolate in the pan and drizzle it back and forth on the bundt!

Aw yeah! You have a fancy bundt cake for International Bundt Cake Day!

Bundle it up and get it in the car and take it to its demise.

Force it to sit next to this disturbing failure of a jello bundt (which actually tasted awesome - don't judge it!)

Send leftover cake to your mom for mother's day!


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Marla said...

My jello disaster made it onto the blog. Woohoo!