Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bake! Bake a Cake!

Birthday Cake!

First, you will need these things, minus the cat food.

Also, some shortening and flour for the pan.

Try to explain to the cat why you can't let him up on the counter to investigate the smells and sounds. This is a birthday cake, not a cat fur cake.

Mix the cake mix, eggs, water, and oil, and dump in pan. Surprisingly, cake mix batter is not all that tasty.

Making a basic cake is dead easy. You literally just mix that stuff mentioned above and chuck it in a pan and into the oven. This is the entire amount of clean up (other than the pan, which was in the oven at the time of photograph).

Forty minutes later (enough time to clean the bathroom!), the cake is baked!

After letting it cool, cut it into three pieces. Horizontally. That's kind of important.

Let it continue to cool. You will need a boatload of Skor bars.

This recipe actually called for 12 bars, but I didn't know how to convert ounces to grams while in the grocery store and I thought "It can't possibly be that many" so I only got 8. And 8 was fine, but 12 would have been awesome.

Now, the recipe suggested using a blender on "pulse" to chop the Skor bars into bits. This did not really work, as it more powderized them than chopped them. The sound of the blender led to this reaction:

Then when I stopped using the blender and chopped by hand...

...I got this sad face reaction for not paying him enough attention or explaining what was going on.

After the Skor bars have been annihilated, add them to a full container of Cool Whip. Don't say Cool Whip outloud, or Cupcake will start meowing for some. What a pain.

Add to first layer of cake.

Add to second layer of cake.

Add top of cake.

Cover in Skor bar Cool Whip.

Oh yeah, you should have kept some Skor bits aside. If you didn't, go buy another Skor bar. Add remaining chopped Skor bar to top of cake.

Use your camera's macro feature.

Ooh and ahh.

While waiting for this party to get started, stretch it out. You deserve it.

Enjoy cake!

Yes, I gave him some Cool Whip.

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