Wednesday, April 30, 2008


There's really not much happening worth "reporting" on. So here's a picture from around 1998 of my hamster, Sussex. Check out his ripped ear!

When I moved my mom took care of him and taught him how to pee in a container to cut down on cage cleaning!


Christy DeKoning said...

awwwww...dare I ask who won the fight?

Blandy Snorhal said...

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure how it got ripped. Although, at the time, he was living with another hamster named Janis. As I recall, she never looked worse for wear, so maybe she won. Perhaps that's why he was sleeping in a container attached to the cage, as opposed to with her. Lover's quarrel.

Windrider said...

umm, you need to post some rizzo stuff soon , Or I', gonna have to buy some AUTOGRAPHED photos from you Mz. Snorhal..

Just Sayin'!!!

And yes, I DID say AUTOGRAPHED!!

Blandy Snorhal said...

Rizzo on tap!