Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rock and Roll Has Killed Me

Alternate title "I'm old." My ears are still blocked this morning. I tried to do the adult thing and use earplugs, but then you can't sing along, because all you can hear is your own lame voice.

Second alternate title: "Something has finally happened worth photographing and posting!" It's been pretty slow since my birthday blow out. 

So this show super rocked, as does pretty much every Joel Plaskett Emergency show I've ever been too. My friend and I, as you can tell, were close to the stage. Unfortunately so were some super drunk idiots who kept leaning on us, which almost resulted in a blow out of its own. One guy was all "I'm not drunk!" and she was all "If you can't stand on your own legs, then you are drunk!" To prove her point, she moved away from him and he almost fell over. Here's the thing drunk idiots at shows: You're not even going to remember this concert. Everyone around you will mostly remember how you were such assholes. Also, yelling "Nina and Albert" at least 150 times is not going to get them to play "Nina and Albert". Also, "Nina and Albert" is super mellow. This was a rock out show. Don't try to bring everything down asshole! And stop touching me! Fuck!

Also, if you're a tiny girl and you think you can move up through the crowd and stand in front of me, you have another think coming. That's why I picked you up and moved you out of the way, never to be seen again. Nice try though.

Now, dear band, it is cruel and unusual punishment to leave people standing in a drunken crowd like that for your super extended break between sets. See, we may not have rocked out quite as hard as you, because we didn't have instruments. But we were all singing full force, and kicking it out as much as possible in limited space, while fending off the drunks who made it to the front, but are not even really fans, what with not knowing any words and all.  And let's also consider, you got paid $30 per person last night, we did not. Please, bands, do not leave your fans in that situation for more than 20 minutes. It is harsh. Even if you are backstage shaving off your beard, as was the case last night.

So back to the rocking out. This show was fabulous and they even broke out a few songs from "In Need of Medical Attention" which pleased me to no end (unfortunately not "Powerful Lights" though). And my friend was super jazzed that Ruth Minikin was there (no good shots of her) because then they played "Blinding Light", which neither of us had ever seen live. Then Joel's dad joined them!

His dad is super cute and it's always great when he joins in. At one point he didn't know a song they were doing and was checking Peter Elkas' keyboarding to get the chords, and Chris, the bassist, was being helpful as well. Cute!

It's super fun to watch because they always both look really happy to be playing together and they look really proud of each other. 

Also, how hot are Chris and Peter looking these days?

Answer: Super hot. Especially Chris with those fantabulous pants.

So, while it was a great show, it was one of those nights that left me wondering if I can really hack being at concerts anymore. All I could think was "That Bob Dylan show in May better be a sit down event! Don't make me stand up all night Dylan!"

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