Thursday, January 11, 2007

Guess Who Has a New Obsession?

I'm addicted to Webkinz, thanks to my mom's unsuspecting Christmas gift. Here's Rizzo in his new argyle sweater. I tried to buy it for him last night (using points, not real money, people. I'm not totally insane. As this post will not prove), and during an on-line conversation I actually typed "I was trying to buy my hippo an argyle sweater and the site went down!" Which made my conversation partner bust a gut and use that quote as her sign in quote. Clearly, it's becoming a problem. Or is it? How adorable is this?

Here he is on a scooter:

On the trampoline I just bought him (while wearing the hoodie I just bought him):

After which he remarked:

Rizzo has feelings people!

Here is the topiary I got for him:

I bought him that new outside room, which for some reason is an ice world. Possibly because only 10 year olds know how to properly use this site and I bought an ice room.

Cu-ute! Here he is waiting for his bath to start:

Bath time!

As you play on the site (they have "arcade games" which I can't stop playing. Candy Bash 2 !Viva Poncho! anyone?), your pet gets hungry and whatnot. Here's me helping Rizzo be healthy by feeding him a piece of cake (which I drag onto his picture):

As the Webkinz doctor informed me when I took Rizzo for a checkup (I shit you not), I should be putting him to bed before I leave the site because he needed more sleep. So here he is napping it up:

Only five more hours until I can take another Webkinz job to make some kinzcash to buy him more junk! This site is accurately preparing kids for the real world. The real, sad world, where you grow into an adult that plays on-line games with they're stuffed toy hippo that was intended for kids under 13.

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pizza diarist said...

I have that sweater!