Saturday, October 15, 2005


I actually saw two more, but my camera had broken (I used it to death) and I was not able to capture the two other vacation band-aids, or the one I saw the other day on the way to the grocery store. Sorry to deprive you. The second one had not technically fallen off, but rather was removed, folded upon itself and left on the ledge of a bus window. Because it's so hard to hold on to it until you get to a garbage can.

Pod people!

Third leg!

Everyone there was eating meat on a stick. For some reason.

Real live hippo!!!!



The Miker said...

And I thought the corndog was king of hick foods! That meat on a stick is a... sight to behold. Where were you? Stubbsville?

silent grasses said...

I love the hippo image. If I didn't know them to be a little dodgy in temperament, I'd want to be in the scene.

Blandy Snorhal said...

I love and adore hippos, but I can never go to Africa, as I fear an ironic hippo related death will occur.

The Miker said...

My nephew's room is full of happy cartoon hippos and hippo stuffed toys. The idea of and ironic hippo related death has crossed my mind too.

Blandy Snorhal said...

I forgot to mention, it was actually Walt Disney World. Wackiest Place on Earth! Overheard:
Daughter: "Daddy! We only have two days left!"
Father: "Yup. Two long, full, hellish days."